Whole30: Day 2

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Whole30 Challenge
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Today was an absolute breeze, but it’s more than likely because I worked from home and I cleaned out my pantry of all non-Whole30 compliant foods right before I started the challenge. Plus, I just don’t stress out as much when I work from home. Something about working in your PJ’s on your sofa that makes life just a little bit easier 😉

My meals today were a lot like yesterdays except there were a few clementines mixed in throughout the day as snacks along with a Larabar. For some reason I was just really hungry this afternoon and needed some more fooooood.

Breakfast: Paleo chicken pot pie

Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

Snack: 2 clementines

Lunch: Pork pot roast


Snack: 2 deviled eggs and 3 clementines AND a Larabar

Dinner: 2 poached eggs over steamed asparagus that was topped with a little coconut oil


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