Whole30: Day 3

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Whole30 Challenge
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Today was unfortunately a stressful day at work, but I guess those are gonna occur at some point or other, amIright? Since I’m a major stress eater, I’m extremely surprised that I didn’t crave any sweets. Especially at 2pm when I hit my usual wall where I can’t concentrate, I can barely stay awake, and I want nothing more than to stuff my pie hole with, well, pie. Or some other comparable sugary treat.

Don’t ask me why, but I decided to step on my scale this morning just out of curiousity. I’ve been feeling a lot “lighter” the last couple days and my jeans area already feeling a little looser. I wasn’t sure if it’s because I’ve lost some weight or because I don’t wash my jeans often, but I was really curious to see if the scaled had budged. Low and behold, I’m already down about 4 pounds since I was weighed for my BodPod on Saturday! I know this isn’t going to happen every week, but it was a pretty exciting thing to see so early on and definitely a major motivator to keep going.

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 1 cup of black grapes

Lunch: Pork pot roast with half an avocado

paleo pork pot roast

Snack: A couple clementines with about 1/4 cup of almonds

Dinner: Chili with steamed sweet potato cubes

Paleo Chili


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