Whole30: Day 5

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Whole30 Challenge
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I may not be craving junk food in real life, but apparently my subconscious really wants a freakin’ donut. The only dream I remember from last night was that I ate some cake and donuts and was furious that I had to start the Whole30 challenge over. When I woke up, I actually thought for a minute that I had eaten them, but was happy when I realized it was just a dream.

Today was a hard day at work… I hit a wall around 11am and was extremely tired and just wanted to stuff my face with some bready goodness. I received a new project from my boss this morning, so I’m sure the added stress of knowing I now have a ton of extra work to do to get it done made me tired and faux hangry. Instead, I chugged a ton of water and just kept on trucking until it passed.

I’ve never been a big drinker for many reasons, but if I’m at a bar with friends, I’ll usually have a couple beers or a mixed drink. Of course, with my being on the Whole30 challenge, I can’t have a drop to drink which is fine by me, but apparently my friend wasn’t too happy about that. Not only did I go to Annapolis to see her boyfriends band play, but I was also on a first date with someone. I was a little worried neither of them would understand the whole “no drinking” thing, but thankfully my date did (come to find out he is a crossfitter too), but my friend thought it was ridiculous that I couldn’t have a single “cheat”. She didn’t understand that I was cutting out all alcohol and kept thinking it was just the calories I was trying to avoid. She kept arguing with me that I could have a vodka tonic and proceeded to order one for me when she went to the bar. To say I was annoyed was an understatement. I pushed it aside and didn’t even glance at it, but she kept nagging me to drink it. Finally, when she wasn’t looking, I asked the bartender to dump it out and replace it with water. After a weird glance and my having to repeat myself, because, god forbid someone doesn’t want a drink, she dumped it out and gave me water instead. Phew! Crisis averted! Thankfully I didn’t get hungry and have to whip out the Larabar in my coat pocket or they would’ve thought I was a complete whack job.

As for food, it was the same as yesterdays, surprise surprise.


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