Whole30: Day 6

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Whole30 Challenge
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Today was my first day at a new part-time job. I wasn’t sure if there would be anywhere for me to store or heat up my lunch, so I didn’t bring anything which I already knew was a dumb idea. I was a bit rushed getting out the door and actually didn’t eat breakfast either, so I had a major recipe for disaster going on.

Pretty much right after I got to work, I was already starving and my stomach wouldn’t stop growling. I kept chugging water hoping that would help some until I could grab a bite from the grocery store next door. Unfortunately when I don’t eat for long periods of time, I get a headache and feel light dizzy and weak. It’s been quite a while since I let that happen and forgot how much it sucks.

Finally it was break time and although I had brought a couple clementines, I still needed a source of protein. I ran next door to the grocery store and was so excited to see that they had Krave jerky in stock. I snagged a pack and proceeded to chow down before I even hit the checkout line. Sadly, I didn’t realize there’s a little added cane syrup and molasses, so there goes the whole “no sugar” part of this challenge. Son of a @#$%$ #$%&%!!! I was so pissed. I honestly contemplated giving up because I had like, less than 10g of sugar. Thankfully my dumbass didn’t give up and I’m going to continue on. I know I’m not supposed to have any added sugars and that I’m technically supposed to start over if I have anything I’m not supposed to, BUT, I figure 1) I didn’t knowingly eat sugar, 2) I didn’t eat it because I was having a sweet craving (it wasn’t sweet anyway), and 3) it’s mainly gluten that I’m trying to detox from (although sugar is an extremely close second). Anyway, I’m just going to be more mindful and read labels a little closer, even on products that I think are OK.

When I finally got home, I cooked up a couple eggs and ate them with some veggies. Pretty simple day where I know I should’ve eaten more, but sadly didn’t.


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