Whole30: Day 13

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Whole30 Challenge
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Why I thought this mornings WOD would be a good idea, I have no idea. I must have thought the coaches would have pity on us for having to run outside in 27F weather and let us row instead. NOPE! The cold on my face and in my lungs burned so bad, but I’m glad to say that I made each run without dying! Unfortunately I’m a much slower runner than my partner, so I spent the most time outside in the cold.


As you can tell, I wussed out on the last run and didn’t carry the slam ball. Really it was because my back started to hurt, hence why I also used a lighter kettle bell.

So while at work, I found 2 very interesting things…

The first was a huge bag of Ghiradelli chocolates, all flavors that I love. I was tempted to grab some to have when I’m done with the Whole30 Challenge, but decided it would be best if I just left them there to avoid any temptations. If there there when I’m done and I still want them, then fine. Hopefully they’re gone by next weekend though!


I also found this doorway pull-up bar!! I still don’t have my dead-hang pull-ups down, but hopefully this will give me more opportunities to practice 😀


Breakfast: The last of my sweet potato and brussels sprout hash with 3 poached eggs

paleo sweet potato hash

Lunch: Tuna and egg salad with steamed broccoli, parsnips, and carrots and 1/4 of an avocado.

paleo tuna salad paleo tuna salad

Dinner: I honestly can’t remember, sorry




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