Whole30: Day 16

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Whole30 Challenge
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This mornings WOD was a tough one and was a bit of a challenge for me mentally, but I just kept pushing. My lower back was also hurting even before we started the workout, so I took it easy on the weight and only did 65lbs which I’m glad I did.


I’m honestly not quite sure why I have a hard time with my lower back. I’m sure it’s just because it’s not as developed or strong as it should be. Once I’m done with the Wendler program next week, I’m going to spend a month focusing on core strengthening on my off-days. I found this great graphic with a bunch of different lower back exercises. I already knew of most of these, but am glad to have a pic to remind me to do them!


So supposedly we’re supposed to get 7-8″ of snow today which I am already calling a total bullshit on. These people have no idea what a real snow is like and it makes me laugh. I would seriously love to send most of them off to Colorado for a winter and see how they fare.


At least it got me out of work at 1pm and I was able to relax at home the rest of the afternoon (while working, of course).

I actually struggled with wanting to constantly eat when I got home. Something about being home all snuggled up on the couch when it’s snowing out that makes me want to eat some treats and drink some hot cocoa. I kept finding my hand in my basket of clementines and probably had about 5. I know they’re clean eats, but I have been doing really well with not snacking when I’m not hungry. That is something that I struggle with and want to break that habit.

Breakfast: Acorn sausage breakfast

Lunch: 5 ingredient spaghetti pizza pie

Snack: 5 clementines, a handful of pistachios, and a larabar!

Dinner: Paleo chicken pot pie



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