Whole30: Day 17

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Whole30 Challenge
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Ahhh, nothing like a work from home day! We definitely didn’t get 7-8″ like predicted (told ya!), but it sure as hell cold outside! And of course, the sidewalks and parking lots around my complex weren’t shoveled or sanded or anything.

Although, later in the evening, the maintenance crew decided to dump half a bag of salt right in front of our entryway, throw the bag on the ground, and call it good. I was so pissed I called the front office of my complex. I don’t pay $2K+ a month to live here for them to “take care of” the grounds like this, sorry. Not to mention, salt is harmful to the dogs that live in this building (it burns the padding on their feet) and I just simply don’t want to drag all this shit into my house. Woah… sorry. Total rant.


Anyway. This was my office for the day…. not too shabby!


And this, was my work outfit, lol! I was totally dressed and ready for work, but when I couldn’t get in, I immediately changed when I got back home.


Breakfast: Caramelized onion frittata

Lunch: Spaghetti pizza pie and steamed brussels sprouts


Snack: 1 (huge) apple with almond butter


Dinner: Paleo chicken pot pie


In other news, I hit 700 followers on Instagram today!! I love being a part of the IG community… there are so many great people on there that are so inspiring and I can only hope that I am inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle.


Oh, and a random meme that made me LOL!



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