2014 CrossFit Opens recap

Posted: March 31, 2014 in crossfit, CrossFit Opens
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Today is the last day of the 2014 CrossFit Opens; the first one I have ever participated in and definitely not the last. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I first signed up, but figured it would be a fun way to get an extra WOD in each week and also a way to meet others that I wouldn’t have met otherwise since there are tons of classes throughout the day and most people usually stick to the same time each day.

Although I didn’t know what to expect, I definitely didn’t expect to be annoyed and frustrated with CrossFit or that I’d be greeting the end of the Opens with a sigh of relief. What started out as a fun challenge that brought the community together ended in a mental battle with myself to finish out the WODs when I realized I am nowhere near as strong as I thought I was.


After 14.1, I was psyched for 14.2 because I had gotten my first double-unders and was excited to see what was next that I would accomplish out of adrenaline! I may have only finished 2 rounds while others blew past me, but I was still excited to have nailed a movement that I had been struggling with for months.

Complete as many rounds/reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 double-unders
55-lb. power snatches, 15 reps

14.1 double-unders

14.1 was the first time I ever got consecutive double-unders!


However, when 14.2 rolled around and I couldn’t get a single chest-to-bar (C2B) pull-up, I started feeling the frustration. I know they are a hard movement and I was a mere inch away each time, but I became frustrated with the teasing I saw via social media afterwards about how so many people would be joining the “10 Rep Club” after only being able to complete the first set of 10 overhead squats. It almost made me feel as though those people were saying that the rest of us that can’t do C2B pull-ups shouldn’t have signed up for the Open at all. It was disconcerting, but I just added C2B pull-ups to my list of things to work on and moved on.

EMOM 3 for as long as possible

From 0:00-3:00

2 rounds of:

10 overhead squats with 65lbs

10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 3:00-6:00

2 rounds of:

12 overhead squats with 65lbs

12 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 6:00-9:00

2 rounds of:

14 overhead squats with 65lbs

14 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds


Then 14.3 was announced and I was faced with a movement that always kills my lower back; deadlifts. My 1-rep max may be 195lbs (which is low for many, I know), but when it comes to high-reps, even at a lower weight, my back starts ceasing up almost immediately. My good friend Amy went before me and made it through 10 of the 185lb deadlifts. She’s a total beast, but we generally lift the same, so I figured I’d be able to make it to the 185lbs too. That’s where I made my mistake of comparing myself to others. I didn’t even make it through the 155lb lifts which pissed me off to no other. I know I have issues with my lower back and have been trying to work on my core strength for a while, but it still made me angry that I finished on the lower end than most others in my division. My back hurt for days afterwards which affected my regular WODs which in turn added to my frustration.

Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
95-lb. deadlifts, 10 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
135-lb. deadlifts, 15 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
155-lb. deadlifts, 20 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
185-lb. deadlifts, 25 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
205-lb. deadlifts, 30 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch
225-lb. deadlifts, 35 reps
15 box jumps, 20-inch


By the time 14.4 was released, I was ready to quit the Open. It just wasn’t fun anymore and I really wasn’t looking forward to the toes-to-bar (T2B) since again, I have a weak core and I knew they would be a challenge for me. Not to mention I had found out some terrible news about a close friend the day before and my mind was preoccupied. There was a 14 minute cap for this WOD and I figured I would at least make it through part of the wall balls if not all and then some cleans since Amy had kicked ass and made it through to 10 cleans (here I was comparing myself again). I, however, struggled with the T2B for the remaining 11 minutes after the row and only managed 41 out of 50. I had a million attemtps and came close to touching the bar every time, but of course that doesn’t count in the Opens. I was angry and frustrated to say the least and ended up walking out of the gym right after the clock ran out. My back was killing me and all I could do was cry because I had secretly dedicated that WOD to my friend and couldn’t even make it through the T2B for them. It was the worst feeling ever.

Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-ball shots, 14 lb. to 9-foot target
30 cleans, 95 lb.
20 muscle-ups


When I saw the release of 14.5, I thought “OK, this looks too easy to be the last WOD of the Opens…” and boy was I right. My friend Amy and I both ended up being in Savannah, GA at the same time for two totally different reasons, so we met up at a local  box Friday morning to do 14.5. She went first and killed it in just 19:19! I was blown away by how awesome she did and based off our previous WODs together, was aiming for a sub 23 minute completion time for myself. We ran out of time that morning for me to complete it, so I ended up going to Rockville CrossFit Sunday morning instead. I don’t know if it was the fact that I had only eaten a banana beforehand or that I was just so mentally over the Opens, but I struggled with this WOD more than any other I’ve done to date. I was so dizzy after just the first round and kept wondering to myself how I was going to complete this WOD. I kept having to stop to catch my breath and regain my balance. Each break I took became longer and longer until I finally sat down and told my judge I was giving up. Thankfully he believed in me enough to keep pushing me to get up and finish the WOD. Everyone else was already done, so all they had left to do was stare at me and wait until I was done which made it even harder because I hate when people watch me, even if they are cheering me on. I finally finished after 31:25 and thought I was going to hurl for a good 30 minutes after. I know I can do sub 23 minutes, but will not be attempting that anytime soon.

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
65-lb. thrusters

14.5 thrusters and burpees


Although I’m grumpy about how I did in the Opens this year, I’m glad that not only did I do it, but that I completed it as well despite how badly I wanted to quit. I now have a laundry list of things to work on for next year, but at the top of that list is to go back to enjoying CrossFit and competing with no one but myself.

Did you complete the Open? Were you happy with how you did?

  1. Linette says:

    Hi! Congrats on completing the open this year! It was my first year and I’m feeling alright about how I did. I’ve never done a lick of crossfit movements before last July. I’m looking forward to seeing & feeling how much I progress for next years open 🙂

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